Changes to Blagreaves Lane / Stenson Road Junction

May 23, 2017 12:37 PM

A year ago Labour made improving the T junctions at Blagreaves Lane and Goodsmoor Road with Stenson Road a priority. There will be money from developers to do this.

The scheme put forward by the council is for linked traffic lights. Consultation with local people raised lots of concerns, but these have largely been ignored. Members of the Blagreaves Neighbourhood Board (who include Labour party supporters) have complained, but the scheme is currently still continuing.

The Lib Dem councillors in Blagreaves have been supporting local residents in their bid to make sure that changes result in a safer area and junctions that work - not just more traffic lights.

Liberal Democrat councillor Ruth Skelton from Blagreaves ward said "This is yet another example of Labour not listening to local people."