UKIP Continue Takeover of Derby Conservatives

May 17, 2017 9:14 PM

As Theresa May continues on her damaging hard Brexit agenda, it seems Derby Conservatives are picking up support - from UKIP.

After local UKIP chairman Gaurav Pandey announced he'd joined the Conservatives, news emerged that former Mackworth UKIP candidate Rob Cooper has followed his example.

Lib Dem candidate Joe Naitta said "Nigel Farage said Theresa May was repeating UKIP's pledges almost word for word. It seems UKIP members are agreeing and joining the Conservatives."

"I know there are many moderate Conservative voters in Derby who are worried about the damage Theresa May's hard Brexit agenda is doing to our country, and won't like this UKIP takeover one bit.

"Lib Dems offer everyone a real choice on our future. I call on them to reject Theresa May's mean-spirited vision and join me to change Britain's future."