Warm homes, cool planet

June 6, 2017 1:11 PM

Lucy Care visiting a housing development in DerbyThe Liberal Democrats have long been seen as the 'greenest' of the main parties. In Government they pushed home energy efficiency, supported higher standards for new homes and more renewable energy.

As a result people use less fuel and there have been some days where UK electricity has been coal-free for the first times ever.

We need to do more. Homes still cost too much to heat.

Capping fuel prices, as Labour and Tories have suggested, is short term. Liberal Democrats have plans to insulate 4 million properties in the next five years - and ensure every home is at least 'Band C' energy efficient by 2035. This will mean less fuel needed every year - saving money.

The UK needs to do it's bit in reducing climate emissions - and that should include putting pressure on other countries, like the US, to sign up to the Paris Climate Agreement. Investing in new zero carbon technologies is the way towards lower bills and a safer world - and creates more jobs. Vote Liberal Democrat for real commitment on climate change and the natural environment.