News from Around Derby

March 24, 2017 12:11 PM

Littleover Forum

The next Littleover Neighbourhood Forum is on 23rd March at the Littleover Social Club on Blagreaves Lane. These are now held jointly with Blagreaves ward as the Labour Council has stopped funding a neighbourhood team for Littleover.

Residents Parking

The introduction of permit parking on Lawn Heads, Middleton and Heath Avenues has been delayed. This is to allow further consultation as the council is suggesting extending the area to include the nearby part of Burton Road. The scheme is now expected to be introduced in May.

Hospital traffic changes

From 11th April the Royal Derby Hospital will be operating a one way system, anticlockwise, round their site. This is intended to reduce delays. This will give space for people to queue on the road for parking spaces without traffic being blocked.

Various changes are being made to the road and signs to make this work. Some improvements have been made for people walking or cycling. If you think that there are still other improvements needed, please let us know and we will pass the message on.

Too many road drains blocked

The wet weather at the end of the winter highlighted how many road drains - gullies - are not draining properly. This can be because the pipework underground has become damaged, but more often it is because the local drain has filled up with grit and mud and needs clearing out.

To help keep our drains working well, please don't sweep or wash mud or grit down into the gutter or drain as this means they fill up faster. Small amounts of sweepings can be put into your black wheelie bin (or often it can go back on the garden).

If you know of drains that are blocked, please report them at or let one of the Focus Team know.

Note a nearby house or lamp post number to help identify the problem drain. Or you can send a photo of the problem to

Please report any blocked drains to the Council - and let's work together to help keep them clear.