When can we have our play areas and football pitches?

April 29, 2017 12:33 PM

Varsity estate residents approached local Lib Dem campaigner Maggie Hird to find out when they and their children will be able to use the children's play areas and football pitch on their estate which have been chained up for at least eighteen months.

Someone has removed the chains from the larger of the two play areas, probably out of frustration!

Maggie Hird asked the Council, "Who is responsible for the play areas and when will they officially be in use?" The Council's response is that the play areas and are still owned by the developers! After Maggie's call, the Council's legal team are hoping to get this sorted in the next couple of weeks!

Regarding access to the football club grounds. The Council said, "The football pitches have been damaged by motorbikes cutting up the pitches and they are waiting for motorbike barriers to be fitted in front of the access gates". Maggie says, "now that the motorbike barriers have been fitted, these gates need to be unlocked."