Labour and consultation: Ticking the boxes, not doing the job

April 26, 2017 12:33 PM

Labour's Cabinet meeting in early March highlighted their cursory regard for local people. First was a scheme to encourage Derby Homes tenants to pay their rent and get in touch online rather than in person. Just five tenants responded to their consultation, out of maybe 20,000. Could they not have spoken to tenants who were phoning up for other reasons to gain a wider sample of views? Second was the adoption of a Derby and Nottingham Metropolitan Strategy. This could see Derby and Nottingham working closely together. Only 34 people out of 151 replies from both areas said they were from Derby. Could the Council not have asked people coming into the Council House or going online to reply?

Finally, while the council celebrates the possibility of something happening in Duckworth Square (in a year or more's time), the public just see Silly Sids closing and the old Debenhams building standing empty again. Silly Sids didn't know why they couldn't transfer their lease. Labour could have explained that safety standards for public bodies are set higher than for private ones. As ownership of the building moves from Intu to the Council, it means that the slight potential risk to the public from asbestos upstairs means that the public can no longer be admitted to the building.