Roads Changes Around Littleover

March 8, 2017 12:17 PM

Pastures Hill/Hillsway

The deadline for replacing the Hillsway roundabout with traffic lights is being relaxed. This junction change was required by the inspector who approved the expansion of Heatherton into South Derbyshire ('Highfields Farm').

It was never clear why this would be an improvement, and the problems with other traffic light junctions (notably Kingsway) have made the experts review this policy.

Meanwhile councillors are highlighting that, if wholesale change is not happening here soon, some action is needed to reduce parking outside the High School. This alone might help traffic flow in this area.

Roads improvements around Royal Derby Hospital

About 18 months ago, local councillors asked people living near the Royal Derby Hospital what small highways changes would improve the area. Some of those identified are being paid for from the last of the monies from the building of the hospital.

These include;

  • The extension of residents' only parking to Middleton, Lawn Heads and Heath Avenues
  • A new litter bin on Kings Drive
  • No waiting in the bus stop at the bottom of Kings Drive
  • Double yellow lines at the top of Greenway Drive, and
  • New lowered kerbs for Balmoral Close.

Kings Drive parking

The length of pay and display parking outside the hospital is being extended. Several lengths that have been double yellow lines (and often parked up by blue-badge holders) are to become pay-to-park.

Councillors are concerned that blue badge holders may then park more in the narrow entrance to the road. If this happens, they have asked for this area to become 'no waiting at any time'. A yellow 'No stopping' box for the bus stop has just been added.