Heatherton Village Developers' Money – Why the Delay?

January 31, 2017 12:33 PM

Between January and May 2016, Councillors Ruth Skelton and Joe Naitta worked with their colleagues in Littleover ward, Friends of Littleover Parks, and Council Officers to plan how to spend the £300,000+ from the Heatherton developers. Council procedures state that agreement has to be reached by the local Neighbourhood Board(s), the local councillors and relevant Council Officers about what to spend the money on. This has been done. But for some reason, the Council won't release the money for the various projects. The money needs to be spent by April 2019.

The projects include a new cycle and foot path from Oaklands Avenue to Moorway Lane, and improvements to Millennium Wood, Sunnydale Park and Clemson's Park / King George V Park. Why is there a delay? The projects could have been given the go-ahead 7 months ago.

Is someone deliberately stopping things from happening?