Lib Dems Fight Back – Locally and Nationally

January 2, 2017 10:09 AM

At the end of September the Lib Dem candidate in the Allestree council by-election received nearly 29% of the vote, up from less than 12% in May.

This mirrors trends across the country with the Lib Dems gaining over 20 seats in council by-elections since May. Labour, Conservatives and UKIP have all lost seats.

In October the Lib Dems jumped from fourth to second place in the Oxfordshire by-election to choose the MP to replace Conservative David Cameron. More than 32% of voters supported Lib Dem Liz Leffman. Again and again, in real votes in actual elections, more people are supporting the Liberal Democrats.

And now, there's another by-election coming up in Derby. Could you help Derby Lib Dems continue this rise and deliver more for local people? Contact us if you'd like to get involved.