News from Around Blagreaves

October 7, 2016 3:34 PM

Ring Road Junction Upgrades

Due to the number of new homes being built at Stenson Fields, the ring road junctions at Sinfin Lane and Stenson Road/Warwick Avenue are set to be upgraded. Both schemes are being paid for by the housing developers.

As previously reported in Focus, the Stenson Road / Warwick Avenue roundabout upgrade will include a bus lane from Littleover Lane down to the ring road roundabout. This will take some of the grass verge.

The Sinfin Lane junction is set to be done first, then Stenson Road/Warwick Avenue. Both should hopefully be done by the end of 2017.

Blagreaves Lane End Junction

There will be a presentation by a highways officer at the next Blagreaves Forum about a revised scheme for traffic control at the Blagreaves Lane/Stenson Road junction. The Forum is at 7pm on Tuesday 13th September at Littleover Social Club on Blagreaves Lane.

Commenting, Danielle Lind said, "We all use this junction, so it is really important that we get the right scheme. Please come along to the meeting to have your say."

Stray Cricket Balls

Since the Council had the non-turf wickets installed at King George V Playing Fields, nearby residents have been getting balls landing on roofs and in gardens - sometimes narrowly missing been hit by them. This is despite the high mesh fencing round the edge of the park. Even the bowls club next door has had balls landing on their bowling greens during matches. "We are very concerned that someone could get injured," said Councillor Ruth Skelton. "A direct hit on the head could do damage. We have raised the issue with the Council. They need to take some action to reduce the risk of injury to people and damage to buildings."

Hillsway/The Hollow Junction

Highway engineers are currently drawing up and consulting on plans that could alter this junction so that the "through route" is from The Hollow into Hillsway and vice versa.