Tories Continue To Take Allestree For Granted!

September 27, 2016 4:54 PM

They put up a candidate who lied to us and was later jailed…

Derby's Conservatives have let us down. In May they put up a candidate who lied about where he lived on the ballot paper.

Two weeks later he quit. He has since been jailed for election fraud.

Senior local Conservative officials endorsed his campaign - the new Conservative candidate standing in the Allestree by-election even nominated him.

Local taxpayers now have to pay the cost of a by-election to replace him - estimated at £30,000.

The new Tory candidate has stood all over Derby to try and get elected…

The Conservative candidate standing in this election has stood three times elsewhere in Derby. Allestree is his fourth choice to be elected.

Many people are asking, if he is good enough now why didn't the conservatives select him in May instead of a candidate who felt the need to use a false address?

Deena Smith lives in Allestree. She doesn't take local people for granted. She puts Allestree FIRST!