Updates on Changes to Roads Around Derby

September 27, 2016 12:23 PM

Royal Derby Hospital

The Hospital and Council have been working together to improve traffic flows around the hospital. During this autumn the first works will be done on site to allow a one-way system to be introduced, anticlockwise.

The scheme is hoped to go live around Easter next year. Once implemented, traffic will mainly flow anticlockwise round the site with one of the two lanes for the main traffic flow and the other for queues into car parks. This should prevent traffic queuing onto Uttoxeter New Road at busy times. There will be a clear feeder lane from Uttoxeter New Road, with traffic lights linked to the main roundabout sequence to make it easier for pedestrians and traffic. The exit onto the traffic island will be slightly widened to create two lanes.

Hillsway/The Hollow Junction

Queues at the bottom of Hillsway are common. Locals also report that cars often bump each other.

Traffic speeds down The Hollow from Old Hall Road are some of the highest on residential roads in Littleover.

The Council has now designed a scheme to allow traffic to flow from Hillsway towards Blagreaves Lane. Traffic would still be allowed to continue towards Old Hall Road, but would have to wait at a new right turn lane. However in the scheme, traffic would no longer be allowed to exit from the Old Hall Road direction.

Please let your councillors have any views. There should be plans available at the next Littleover Forum.

Kingsway Queues

Turning on the new traffic lights at the entrance to the retail park on Kingsway caused more chaos than building the new junction.

The changes were designed and built by the developers to allow 100s of new homes to be built on part of the hospital site. It was supposed to mean the extra traffic from the new housing wouldn't mean longer queues. Crossing points for walkers and cyclists were also included.

The Council is now investigating how to achieve improvements without the chaos. Local councillors suggested turning the lights off when it became clear that tweaking the timing on the lights was not going to solve the problems. It is expected to stay like this until at least early 2017.

It is now harder for pedestrians to cross, so please be especially careful whether driving or walking.

Pastures Hill/Burton Road roundabout

The problems with the new lights on Kingsway are making people concerned about changes to the roundabout at the top of Pastures Hill - another busy junction in Littleover.

Replacing the current roundabout by a traffic light crossroads was required as part of the planning approval for Highfields Farm in South Derbyshire - the housing being built beyond Heatherton. The City Council was never formally consulted about this. However after pressure from local councillors, highways officers are now writing a report on what they see as the pros and cons of the proposed change.

Any change to the requirement would have to be agreed by the developers and South Derbyshire Council. Councillor Lucy Care said "It is very frustrating how little say we get about our roads."