Derby’s Libraries at risk from Labour - again

September 23, 2016 12:20 PM

The Labour-led City Council is planning major changes to the library service. Up to 10 of the 14 libraries could be closed according to the plans published in August.

Mickleover Library has the largest number of visitors and items borrowed of any library in the city except for the central library, but this won't save it from closure. The way that Labour has assessed the importance of libraries puts Mickleover over halfway down the list. Allestree and Blagreaves, which is also well-used, comes even further down Labour's priorities, as does Allestree.

Labour also plan to slim down the central library and move it into the Council House. There would be less space, but opening hours would be longer. The full report went to the August Cabinet meeting and is available at If Labour choose to implement the option to keep just four libraries, this would leave two in the city centre and two in the south of Derby. No option would see the council continuing to run Allestree, Blagreaves or Mickleover Libraries.

Liberal Democrats are concerned that the plans are not well thought through and the priorities skewed. They have launched a petition, which you can sign online here or download and print off for your friends and family to sign.