Deena Smith – Putting Allestree First

September 22, 2016 12:30 PM

Deena SmithMore and more people are backing long-standing Allestree resident Deena Smith to be our new local councillor.

Deena will not take local people for granted. She will work hard to fight for a better deal for our area.

Deena moved to Allestree eleven years ago. She is a retired children's nurse.

Deena says, "For too long the Labour Council have neglected areas such as Allestree. We pay an ever-increasing amount of Council Tax but our services are being cut. You only have to look at our library that is under threat.

"If elected I will campaign tirelessly for our fair share of Council services."

The by-election on September 29th is expected to be a fight between Deena and the Conservatives. With Corbyn's Labour Party in such a mess they are out of the race this time.

Deena's Action File

Deena Smith has been working hard to tackle issues in and around Allestree. Here are some issues she has been working on:

  • Deena Smith has made a note of the damaged pavement on the entance to the building site on Blenheim Drive. She will report this to the Council for action. Let Deena know if you spot any pavements in need of attention!
  • People clearly value Allestree's historic iron street signs. Too often they are neglected and then simply replaced. Deena has asked for grubby signs on Chatsworth Crescent to be renovated.