Derby Liberal Democrats wholeheartedly support Derby's TA's and School Support Staff

September 13, 2016 3:17 PM

Derby Liberal Democrats protesting at cuts to Teaching Assistants pay with Teaching Assistants and Unison Trades UnionDerby Liberal Democrats wholeheartedly support Derby's teaching assistants, School support staff and the Unison trades union in their dispute with Derby's Labour Council.

Ruth Skelton, Lib Dem Group leader on Derby City Council, said "Derby's teaching assistants are skilled, dedicated, hard-working individuals who play a core role in the education of our children. They are not taking action lightly. Labour's pay cuts of up to 25% will mean that many people will be unable to pay their bills. It shows how out of touch Labour are if they think people can survive that kind of financial blow. Labour's cuts are directly harming working people and children, especially our most vulnerable children.

"While the council has undoubtedly had to face cuts in central government funding - so have other councils across the country. While Labour in Derby plead poverty they are wasting money on things like the metal ring sculptures at The Spot.

"I am calling on Derby's Labour Council to recognise that what the Teaching Assistants and School support staff are asking for is reasonable and to find a fair way to end this damaging dispute."