Historic Derwent Valley Preserved Thanks To EU Help

June 20, 2016 2:37 PM
Observing Darley Abbey Mills

Former MEP, Bill Newton Dunn (second left) and Councillor Lucy Care (right) with others inspecting Darley Abbey Mills

Derby's historic Darley Abbey Mills area, gateway to the Derwent Valley where the Industrial Revolution started, is to be preserved.

This area of Derby is home to many local residents and businesses, and enjoyed by visitors all year round. But without care it risks sliding into decline.

Now, thanks to money from the European Regional Development Fund, work is underway to preserve this historic site for future generations.

And it won't just be frozen in time.

A new vision has been developed to ensure that it can keep its heritage as a working area and also attracting visitors, safeguarding its long-term future.

Local resident and Lib Dem campaigner Joan Travis said "This is an important vision for Darley Abbey. This will allow it to retain its heritage as a working area but also become an even better space for local people and visitors."

"The plan is already helping guide progress. I will be watching how changes continue to ensure we get the best for Darley Abbey and for the whole of Derby."