Better for Business In or Out of Europe?

June 16, 2016 3:19 PM

Greg at deskLocal business owner Greg Webb talks about how the EU helps us

My business builds custom computer programs. The more time we can spend doing that the better it is for the business. And I need other businesses to do well too so they want to buy our services.

So what we need, just like other small businesses, is a strong economy with stable, easy-to-follow rules that let me get on with the real work.

Every time I have to do something different, that means extra cost. New rule? I have to stop working for customers to find out how to follow it. But that's not just true for new rules. It's true for any time I meet a different rule.

We need rules - but the fewer the better. If we have one rule for 28 countries life is so much easier than with 28 different rules, one for each country.

This is a major reason why the European Union is a massive boost to business and for jobs. People can get back to real work.

The EU is the world's biggest single market. Rather than just 65 million consumers in Britain - there are 500 million across the continent. And the EU economy is growing faster than Britain is alone. More customers for no extra cost means more jobs in Britain and lower prices for customers.

None of that stops me, or any other business, trading with other countries though. Britain has recently agreed a new trade deal with China. Leave campaigners want to tell you we can't do this because of the EU, but we already do, all the time.

The truth is that businesses in Derby and elsewhere know that we gain hugely from being members of the European Union, and that we'd all be much worse off if we voted to leave.
I hope, for the sake of us all, that we can stay in to be stronger, better and happier together.