Remain for Nature

June 15, 2016 3:13 PM

Tim Birch talking at wildlife meetingTim Birch, Conservation Manager with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, spoke at a meeting in Derby earlier this month.

RSPB, Wildlife Trusts and WWF together paid for a report on whether the European Union is good or bad for wildlife. The report, concluded that leaving the EU would put at risk rules which protect the UK's health and environment. They state:

"The Wildlife Trusts believe that our wildlife and habitats will be better off if they continue to benefit from EU environmental legislation and a cross-Europe framework for nature conservation. We have formed this view because of the positive impact they currently bring to the UK's wildlife and the uncertainty of the alternatives. We also believe that wildlife across Europe benefits from having laws which the UK's strong nature conservation community has been involved in designing. We know where wildlife stands with the UK as a member of the EU, but there is no certainty about its future under Brexit."