For the best Derby for everyone, vote to stay in the EU

June 22, 2016 3:13 PM

Issan Ghazni, Bill Newton-Dunn, Lucy Care and George Smid at Darley Abbey MillsWe have already achieved so much in Europe. Together we have delivered decades of peace and prosperity and created the world's largest trading area. That has given us cheaper flights, lower mobile roaming charges and the opportunity to live, work and retire across the continent.

Together we are stronger in the fight against global problems like climate change and terrorism. British police have access to the tools they need to keep us safe and our world-beating scientists have access to vital EU research projects.
And we enjoy the highest consumer and environmental protections in the world.

Of course no-one is saying the EU is perfect. Just like all institutions it is in constant need of reform. But we do that by rolling up our sleeves and winning the argument, not by pulling out and leaving us isolated and alone.

And it's the world's largest trading area, right on our doorstep. It's more valuable than China, it's growing faster than Britain and it's just a budget flight from East Midlands Airport away.

Derby is a proud manufacturing city, sending our work into the world for generations. We want to keep doing that, keep trading to give Derby the best jobs and the best opportunities.

If we leave we get no money to help local projects. Anything we sell to Europe will be heavily taxed. And the other 27 countries in the EU will keep setting the rules for Europe, but without asking us first.

Staying in Europe means we can continue working to deliver more opportunity, more security and more prosperity. We want Derby to stay for a bright future in Europe.