Lib Dems Working All Year Round To Help Local Communities

April 29, 2016 12:34 PM

Cllr Joe Naitta, Cllr Ruth Skelton and Danielle Lind

Southcroft Railway Fencing

Some years ago local Lib Dem councillors alerted Network Rail and Derby Homes about people climbing over the railway fencing and crossing the tracks. Joe, Ruth and Bob kept reminding them of this safety issue. At long last new 6ft fencing has been put in.

Councillor Joe Naitta has also asked Derby Homes to replace the uneven slabs with new tarmac paths.

20 MPH Zone

Speed surveys have now been completed for the Littleover Lane area. Streets with an average speed of below 24.4mph don't need to have any physical changes made to the road before 20mph zones can be implemented. These roads are: Repton Ave, Bonsall Ave, Rowsley Ave, Penrhyn Ave, Littleover Cres, Rosamond's Ride, Hayes Ave, Serina Ave, Brayfield Ave, Normanton Lane (between Valley Rd and Littleover Lane) and the Pavilion Road estate.

The roads with average speeds higher than 24.4mph are Foremark Avenue, Littleover Lane, Brayfield Road, Valley Road and Normanton Lane (from Old Vicarage Close to Valley Road). Council officers are looking at possible physical changes to these roads to encourage lower speeds. Cllr Eric Ashburner and Cllr Lucy Care at the new road junction

Councillor Joe Naitta said, "Please let me, Ruth or Danielle know your views on this. Any changes need to be acceptable to residents on those streets."

Rykneld Road new traffic lights

The junction into the new housing development beyond Heatherton is just outside the city boundary.

The first new residents are due to start moving in later this month, but Littleover councillors have already been in touch with County Council highways staff to ask for a sign to remind right turners to give way, for the traffic lights to respond to cyclists and for more lowered kerbs and better crossing points for pedestrians.