Are Labour Planning to Close Blagreaves Library?

April 27, 2016 12:28 PM

We previously reported that the Council had done a review of the Library service and a public consultation. Labour won't make the future plans for libraries public until June (after the local elections). Labour will already know what their plans are though. Why then is Labour "campaigning" to save the Library? They are the ones who are making the decision about closing it.

We had the same situation with Gayton Pool some years ago. Before the elections Labour "campaigned" to save the pool. About 7 weeks later they all voted to close the pool and knock it down.

Former Labour councillor John Ahern has confirmed that the closure decision was informally made before the local elections, but that the Labour candidate was allowed to go through the motions of campaigning to keep it open.

It looks suspiciously like Labour is using the same tactics again with Blagreaves Library. Same old Labour, same old tricks!