Derby Liberal Democrats Launch their Manifesto for Derby Council

April 20, 2016 12:31 PM

This week we are launching our new manifesto for the 2016 Derby City Council elections.

It outlines comprehensive series of pledges to benefit the whole of Derby and fix Labour's mistakes that have seen the city failing vulnerable children, missing government targets and losing vital facilities like Moorways and the Assembly Rooms with no replacements in sight.

If you elect a Liberal Democrat council for Derby, we make these pledges on how we'd make Derby a better place for us all to live.

More affordable homes with real community facilities

We will work to build the affordable homes that Derby needs - built as real communities with the facilities people need in their day-to-day lives.

New swimming pool facilities for Derby and a replacement for the Assembly Rooms

Labour's neglect has seen plans for Moorways' replacement ignored and the Assembly Rooms site left idle for too long while they dither. We will prioritise the replacement of both with the right new facilities for Derby.

Fair and effective funding for the whole of Derby

We will work with communities across the whole of Derby to deliver their priorities for their local areas, treating all communities across Derby fairly.

Restore the £200,000 funding to the Citizens' Advice Bureau

Voluntary groups and service providers provide crucial services to Derby people - and save the council money. We will restore funding to protect services.

Fix Labour's mishandling of Special Educational Needs

Labour have failed to provide for the needs of our most vulnerable children and are leaving the council in severe risk of breaching legal obligations. We will ensure that special educational needs are fairly met for all children.

Work to help local residents recycle more waste more easily after Labour's cuts

Labour's cuts have seen recycling fall by 40%, wasting the council money and harming the environment. We will work to help local residents recycle in the best way for them.

Get transport in Derby working better

We will work to ensure Derby's transport system works for all local residents. We will work with the bus companies to protect vital services for local communities, improve cycling facilities to boost cycling and reduce congestion and conduct reviews of critical junctions and signage to improve traffic flow.

Derby Liberal Democrats leader Cllr Ruth Skelton said "I'm proud of what we've been able to achieve for Derby residents over the last few years. And I'm proud of the year-round work we do supporting local people - not just turning up once a year to ask for your vote. But we can do so much more with more councillors. Holding the council to account for its failures and listening to local communities to help make Derby the best city it can be. Every extra Liberal Democrat councillor elected helps us do more for you and for Derby. Please give us your support on May 5th."

Download the full manifesto