Labour Axe Moorways Pool

April 18, 2016 12:32 PM

At the end of March Labour closed Moorways Pool to the public. This is at the same time that the Family Pool at Queen's Leisure Centre is closed for repairs to its roof.

Last year there was a public outcry when Labour said Moorways would close. They delayed it by a year due to the outcry.

Four years ago Labour inherited the Lib Dem Leisure Strategy which included a 50 metre pool complex to replace Moorways and Queens. The Lib Dems had made these plans because both pools have major repair backlogs. Council officers said that both pools had about another 5 or so years to go before there would be a big risk of part of the buildings having to be closed for safety reasons.

Commenting, Ajit Atwal said, "I remember clearly that we warned Labour not to shelve the new pool project. We told them if they did, it would mean the current 2 pools closing before a new one was built. Now Labour is talking about spending huge amounts of money on a temporary pool. And then they will STILL have to build a new one.

"Labour councillors have shown that they are totally incompetent."