News from Around Mickleover

February 12, 2016 12:10 PM

Council Cuts Hit Mickleover

Derby Labour's cuts look likely to axe the Mickleover neighbourhood board and forum.

These have allowed residents and local councillors to work together to help Mickleover.

The board has worked with local charity groups, the police and helped to create and support the "Our Mickleover" group.

Cllr Hilary Jones said "If these cuts are passed it will be a sad day for local democracy. It will mean local people will no longer have any way of directly influencing Council spending in Mickleover."

Mickleover Post Office Upgraded

The post office has announced new investment to Devonshire Drive Post Office.

Local resident Maggie Hird said "I'm delighted to hear that money is being spent on a well-used local service."

The work is likely to happen in early spring and take 7 days to complete. During this time the post office will be closed.

Pothole Mess - And Plenty More Winter To Come

Across Mickleover, residents are telling us that there's a big increase in pot holes.

Derby's Labour council have spent thousands of pounds fixing up parking areas they don't even own. But they can't seem to find the money to fix our broken down roads or the heavily used community centre car park.

Maggie Hird said "What are Labour playing at? People could get hurt, and the longer they're left the worse it gets."

As well as problems with potholes, Derby's Labour Council are only filling winter grit bins on request. Maggie Hird and Peter Barker have been checking Mickleover's bins to make sure we're safe no matter what winter throws at us. Contact us if you find an empty bin.