Success for Local Campaign to Reduce Speeds on Pastures Hill

January 29, 2016 12:23 PM

Cllr Eric Ashburner and Cllr Lucy Care Welcoming Reduced Speeds on Pastures HillSuccess! Local Liberal Democrat councillors have achieved what many local people wanted - a lower speed limit on Pastures Hill and much of Rykneld Road, now down to 30mph.

Councillors argued that, with three schools and nearby housing, safety needed to be improved and noise reduced by making this change.

During February there will be further changes. This will include removing some of the central islands and adding a cycle lane on the uphill side of Pastures Hill.

Councillor Lucy Care said "There is a trend to reduce traffic speeds in many places. It reduces noise, danger and encourages drivers to stay on more major roads, like the A38, also improving local air quality.

"We will appreciate your comments on the changes."