Parks for Heatherton - And Beyond

July 3, 2015 4:23 PM

Heatherton's developers have provided the council with £333,000 for parks in this area. Originally this was to help purchase land to extend Millennium Wood to Sunnydale Park. Unfortunately sufficient extra money hasn't been found and plans have had to be rethought.

For the last year local councillors have pushed to get at least a broad strip of land to extend Millennium Wood and provide a path through to Oaklands Avenue. The
Labour-led council had resisted, suggesting the money might be spent in Sunnydale Park instead.

After several years of inactivity, pressure in the media has resulted in a promise in the press that parks staff will draw up a list of items this money might be spent on.
Local Lib Dem councillors want to have YOUR ideas first.

Councillor Mike Carr said "From talking to local people we know that opinion is split between improving existing parks and extending parks. We'd like to have your ideas. Improvements can be made to parks within 1 mile of the Derby side of Heatherton."

Members of the local voluntary group "Friends of Littleover Parks" hope to be there to share what they are doing to improve local parks too.