Desperate Lies from Derby Labour

May 6, 2015 4:41 PM

You might think that Labour, in charge of Derby Council and trying to win the General Election, would be happy enough with their record and their promises to the country that they wouldn't need to lie.

You'd be wrong. Labour are heaping lies on top of lies and hoping you won't notice.

Labour claim they're not planning to replace the much-missed Assembly Rooms with flats - yet briefed the media that exactly that was on the table.

Labour repeat their previous lie that they're not planning to build on Derby's parks. But they won't challenge the BBC over their report that exactly that is being considered - and have diverted money that was supposed to be guaranteed for new parks.

Labour try to suggest Lib Dems support the 'Bedroom Tax' - conveniently forgetting they backed a Lib Dem bill against the 'Bedroom Tax', blocked by underhand Tory tactics.

And that's just about the Lib Dems. Their own pledges aren't any better. Labour want us to believe they will -

  • Cap rail fare increases - when they let fares go through the roof
  • Ban zero-hours contracts - which they promised to end in 1995 but ignored
  • Increase the minimum wage - by less than it's going to rise anyway.
  • End NHS privatisation - when they introduced privately-run NHS hospitals and paid private providers for operations they never even did!
  • Guaranteed jobs - on part time hours and minimum wage, with the threat of losing benefits for SIX MONTHS.
  • Build more affordable homes - when they built fewer council homes in 13 years than Margaret Thatcher did in ONE.
  • Improve Cancer treatment - when they're promising less than a third of the extra money the NHS needs, unlike the Lib Dems' pledge of the full £8b.

Labour can't be trusted even to remember what they've done. Why should we trust them to run the country?