South Derbyshire’s Residents Failed By Council

April 21, 2015 1:51 PM

New research shows South Derbyshire's young people are the least likely to get on in life

Damning new research has been published by the education foundation the Sutton Trust. It shows that disadvantaged young people living in South Derbyshire are less likely to get ahead in life than anywhere else in England.

Their Social Mobility Index ranks all 533 parliamentary constituencies in England according to five measures of social mobility through education. It looks at outcomes from the early years through to professional life, and shows how well each constituency is doing in helping their most disadvantaged young people. Shockingly, disadvantaged young people in South Derbyshire have the least chances in life of anywhere in the country, thanks to years of being let down by the Conservative and Labour parties who just want to take South Derbyshire for granted.

South Derbyshire Liberal Democrat candidate Lorraine Johnson said "I was proud to go to Pingle School in Swadlincote, and go on from there to gain my Degree and enjoy a successful career. It's terrible just how many of those I went to school with, and many more since, haven't had the same chances in life though. For far too long, South Derbyshire has been let down by the Conservative and Labour parties - they don't seem to think we deserve the same as everywhere else. We need hard-working Liberal Democrats who can give South Derbyshire people the same chance to get on in life as everyone else."