Labour Candidate’s Lies

April 14, 2015 7:02 PM

Having done nothing for Blagreaves, desperate Labour candidate Amo Raju has been caught lying about the Blagreaves Lane End junction.

Labour claim it is due to their efforts and money put in by Derby's Labour Cabinet that the junction will be improved with better traffic management. This is false.

The improvements that will happen at some point in the future are because of a legal agreement between South Derbyshire District Council and the housing developer Redrow Homes. Before Redrow can start building houses off Primula Way in South Derbyshire, it must pay for traffic lights (or similar to be installed at Blagreaves Lane End.

Mr. Raju claims to have tried to persuade Blagreaves councillors of the need for the junction improvement. Another lie. He has never contacted the Blagreaves councillors about this or anything else. He also claims that Lib Dems were unwilling to help and had a stubborn attitude. Another lie.

My Raju is so out of touch with what is really happening in Blagreaves that he didn't realise that the Lib Dem Focus newsletter has been keeping residents updated with news about the junction scheme over a number of years.

Mr Raju has made a fool of himself for everyone to see.