Liberal Democrat Minister Simon Hughes MP Joins Derby Lib Dems to Campaign Against Snoopers’ Charter

January 22, 2015 9:21 AM

Simon Hughes MP today visited Derby to join with our campaign against the Conservatives' Snoopers' Charter. *

Parliamentary campaigner Cllr Lucy Care said "I was impressed to discover what a high proportion of people wanted to sign our petition against the Snoopers' Charter. The Conservatives want to tell you that 'big brother' oversight is essential for our security and people are willing to be tracked in this way. But from what we saw today, many people in Derby clearly aren't happy with this. People here value their freedom and back the Lib Dems against the Snoopers' Charter."

Liberal Democrat Justice and Civil Liberties Minister Simon Hughes MP said "Freedom of expression is a fundamental British right that the Conservative's plan for their form of 'Snoopers' Charter' would undermine. It would mean the state would have power to record every individual's web history, e-mails and social media communications, irrespective of whether they are suspects or guilty or not. I don't believe that we can have an open society if people are constantly worried that the state is prying into their daily life. That's why I was really pleased to have the opportunity to come to Derby and campaign alongside Lucy Care and her local Liberal Democrat team against the Conservative Snoopers' Charter. Lucy's willingness to stand up for civil liberties shows just what a strong voice she would be in parliament as Derby North's Member of Parliament."

Sign our petition against the Snoopers' Charter here.

* The Snoopers' Charter would require internet service providers and mobile phone companies worldwide to keep records of every internet page viewed on every site, all emails, Twitter and Facebook use, voice calls, texts and gaming by everyone in the UK, costing £1.8 billion