Lucy Care Meets with University of Derby Students

February 27, 2015 5:19 PM

Derby North Candidate Lucy Care meets with University of Derby Journalism StudentsDerby North Candidate Lucy Care met journalism students from the University of Derby today to discuss her political history and her preparations for the General Election.

Students questioned Lucy on a range of subjects in a press conference format, gaining experience of dealing with political interviewing. Lucy shared many Liberal Democrat achievements in local and national government, the importance of politics in everyday lives and priorities for the General Election.

Lecturer Tony Delahunty said "Lucy was both interesting to listen to and very informative on different questions that came from all sorts of angles. Before she came I do not know whether the students had a negative impression of the Liberal Democrats as a whole but from the immediate feedback they certainly had a very positive viewpoint of Lucy Care herself. She was easy to work with and never avoided a single question. It was a delight to have her visit the broadcast journalism module and she will no doubt be invited again."

Lucy said "Many thanks to the University of Derby for this chance to share views, and also help students gain experience for their course. Politics affects everybody's lives, and students are one of the groups who may often be ignored as they are less likely to vote. I came away with a renewed insight into student concerns. If by coming in today I've inspired some to vote or get more involved in politics, then that's great."