Derby Lib Dems Fight To End Revenge Evictions

February 10, 2015 7:17 PM

Nine million people live in private rented homes. But one third of these homes don't meet Government standards. Each year tens of thousands of people lose their homes simply for asking for repairs.

Amazingly these 'Revenge Evictions' are perfectly legal.

Local parliamentary candidate Lucy Care explains "As more people want to rent, rogue landlords have more chances to exploit tenants. We need to act now to help people insist their homes are brought up to standard."

Lib Dem MPs tried last year to ban revenge evictions, but Conservative MPs blocked them. Lib Dems are now trying again in the House of Lords to stop people being forced from their homes just for asking for vital repairs to be done.

The Lib Dem proposals are supported by NUS, housing charity Shelter and Generation Rent.

"Tenants are still at the whim of rogue landlords. Thousands of people are at risk and that's why Parliament must give them this basic safeguard" said Lucy.

She added: "We can't waste this chance to make better rules for tenants and good landlords alike. You can help by signing our signing our petition.