Concern over Labour Development Plans

February 22, 2014 1:40 PM

Residents across Derby are up in arms at the Labour Council's policies for future growth in Derby.

Labour bosses are considering responses to the latest version of their "Local Plan."

Residents are concerned that many of their potential housing sites simply do not have the infrastructure to support extra growth.

Mickleover Developments

Mickleover campaigner Peter Barker is unhappy with the houses proposed for Hackwood Farm and off Onslow Road. He

said "These areas are a long way from decent services. Hackwood Farm is not in a good place for a bus service and the

Onslow Road area is both valuable for wildlife and a green lung for local people."

Peter is also concerned about Conservative run South Derbyshire and housing developers eyeing up more building along

the fringes of Ladybank Road.

Littleover Transport

In Littleover transport is the main concern. Local councillor Eric Ashburner said "Local people are resigned to more

building beyond Heatherton, much of it in South Derbyshire, but more must be done to stop local roads grinding to a halt with

extra cars."

Brook Farm fields

In Chaddesden local campaigner Karen Walsh has been highlighting the importance of keeping Brook Farm fields

green. The area is already well-used by local people, but still a haven for wildlife.

She says "Access to these north-facing, steeply sloping fields is difficult and may be impossible in icy weather. The Council's

previous idea for this land as 'future public open space' made sense. Building houses here does not."

Blue Boy pub, Derwent

Local Lib Dems are keen to point out that they are not against new homes, but they need to be properly planned in the right

places. Derwent ward campaigner, Richard Hudson has been promoting the site of the empty Blue Boy pub on Wiltshire Road.

Richard said "This large site in the centre of Derwent is an eyesore and a liability. It has good access to shops and transport and

would be ideal for one or two bedroomed properties which are needed in this area."

Richard added that places like this should be used before valued green areas like the field by Taddington Road, which Labour

councillors currently want to build on.

Derby North campaigner Lucy Care says "while there are arguments that Derby is already big enough, the current view is that

it's better to build cities bigger than expand villages. In this case, I think it's important we do our best to create new communities,

as has been done with Oakwood and Heatherton, and seek to give these decent services and green space around them. The

current plans allow Derby to become surrounded by undefined suburban sprawl."