Liberal Democrats launch "Your Home, Your Say" campaign

October 12, 2010 12:12 PM

Local Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign to give Derby tenants the final say on the management of their homes returning to the Council.

Currently Derby 's council homes are managed by Derby Homes. Conservative run Derby City Council are now considering scrapping Derby Homes and bringing the properties back under city council control.

Liberal Democrats have now launched a petition calling on the council to fully consult tenants on the future of their homes and tenants should be balloted to decide if management is to be returned to the Council.

Liberal Democrat Housing Spokesman Cllr Bob Troup said "Liberal Democrats have launched the "Your Home, Your Say" campaign because we believe that tenants should have the final say over what happens to the management of their homes. Some tenants are concerned that if the council scraps Derby Homes, tenants will have less involvement in the running of their homes.

"Local Liberal Democrats are contacting tenants asking them to sign the petition. We will be submitting all the petitions to the council urging them to properly consult tenants over the future of Derby Homes."