Sign the petition against the Housing Development

April 27, 2010 1:56 PM
Cllrs Fay Winter, Maggie Hird and Lucy Care

Lucy Care and the Liberal Democrats are fighting Conservative Councils' threats to build thousands of houses around Derby

You can sign Lucy Care's petition against the threatened housing development at

Local Liberal Democrats have criticised two local Conservative controlled councils, which are consulting on building thousands of new houses around Derby.

South Derbyshire council have identified land to build more than 3,600 houses around the Littleover and Mickleover side of Derby. Whilst Amber Valley councils' plans show enough land to build 600 new homes near Mackworth.

Littleover Liberal Democrat Councillor and parliamentary candidate Lucy Care has now launched a petition against the new housing. Lucy Care said "Local services like shops and Doctor's are already oversubscribed. Mickleover can't support this amount of new housing. There are few jobs in the area, and nearby roads are already over capacity."

The wording of the Liberal Democrat petition reads "I/we residents of Derby object to Conservative run Amber Valley and south Derbyshire Council's plans to build thousands of new houses around Littleover, Mickleover and Mackworth."