Liberal Democrats announce education funding commitment for Derby

February 10, 2010 11:44 PM

The Liberal Democrats have announced a major funding commitment to boost education in Derby

Nick Clegg has this week set out the Liberal Democrat manifesto commitment for a Pupil Premium that would invest around £16.8m of extra cash in Derby's schools, raising the funding for disadvantaged pupils to private school levels.

The money will be invested through the Pupil Premium pledge, part of a £2.5bn manifesto spending commitment.

Cllr Lucy Care Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Derby North said:

"There is clear evidence that smaller classes benefit learning for young children, and that one to one help can make the difference to prevent children falling behind. With this extra money schools will have the flexibility to provide extra help where it can make most difference.

"Under our plans, Derby schools would get a further £16.8m each year."

Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg said:

"With this unfairness in funding it's no surprise there is such a gap in achievement between children from the poorest backgrounds and those families who are better off.

"Only when we get education funding back on track will be able to give all our children the fair start they deserve."