Local Lib Dem Signs The Real Policing Pledge

January 4, 2010 3:00 PM
Lucy Care with Derbyshire Police Officer

Lucy Care is fighting for more police on Derby's streets

Derby North's Liberal Democrat parliamentary spokeswoman Cllr Lucy Care has given her backing to the Police Federation's "real policing pledge".

The pledge commits supporters to upholding the office of police constable, maintaining the number of police, training police, ensuring adequate police numbers in community teams, and honouring the results of the police negotiating board on pay.

Cllr Lucy Care said: "Theft and domestic violence rise during a recession, which is not the right time to cut back on front-line policing. The Liberal Democrats are committed to more police on the beat, and more effective policing on local priorities."

The "real policing pledge" is a campaign organised by the Police Federation ahead of the general election to highlight crime issues and ask candidates to sign up.

Full details of the pledge are available on www.realpolicingpledge.co.uk