Local Liberal Democrats back plan to clean up our broken political system

August 3, 2009 3:47 PM
Take back power

Lucy Care and the Liberal Democrats want to clean up politics

Cllr Lucy Care, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson for Derby North constituency, has welcomed the announcement by the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg MP, of a plan to fix our broken democracy.

"The expenses scandal is only symptom of a system that is broken and not working" said Lucy "If we just tinker around at the edges it will not be enough to clear up politics and restore faith in our democracy. These plans announced by Nick Clegg are nothing short of a revolution that will finally move us finally into the 21st century".

Liberal Democrat plans include:

*Give people the right to sack MPs

*Stop all big party political donations

*Elect the House of Lords

*Make the voting system fair - so that governments can't just get all that power and all that money with only a minority of you voting for them

*Put an end to self serving politics and put you back in charge

Cllr Care is writing to hundreds of local residents asking them to support the plans. People can also show their support for the plans by visiting the campaign website at http://www.takebackpower.org/