Council told: "Littleover says no to parking meters"!

February 8, 2008 12:00 AM
Liberal Democrat Councillors Local residents demonstrating against Labour's Parking Meters plan

Local people are up in arms at Labour plans to put parking meters into the Littleover shopping area

Littleover Liberal Democrat councillors presented a petition of 1,684 signatures to Derby Council on Thursday.

The signatures are from people who oppose council plans to put Parking Meters into the Littleover Village . People had until Thursday to register there opposition to the Council's plans.

Littleover Liberal Democrat Cllr Les Allen, who organised the petition, said "People who shop at the Littleover Village shops are strongly opposed to the council's plans.

"Shopkeepers and business owners were more than happy to display the petitions and their customers have signed it in their droves.

"Everyone knows there is no need to have parking meters in Littleover Village .

"It is time that Labour Council bosses listened to the people who shop in Littleover and shelved their parking meter plans.

"People from all over Derby shop there and have been happy to sign the petition. Labour Council leaders should realise that putting in these Parking Meters has not just upset people from Littleover but angered shoppers from right across Derby .

"If Labour ignore people's wishes and still force these Parking meters into Littleover, then in May Labour will pay a heavy price at the ballot box. It will not just be in Littleover Ward that voters will punish Labour Council bosses for their arrogance and folly on this issue."