Decision time for threatened Derby Post Office

February 5, 2008 12:00 AM
Chaddesden Liberal Democrat campaigner Eric Ashburner outside the Nottingham Road Post Office

Local Liberal Democrat campaigners are fighting to save the Nottingham Road Post Office in Chaddesden

The consultation on the future of a Derby Post Office threatened with closure has ended.

The final submissions from people wanting to save the Nottingham Road Post Office in Chaddesden had to be in on February 4th.

One submission was sent in jointly by Liberal Democrat Parliamentary campaigner Lucy Care and local campaigner Eric Ashburner.

Eric Ashburner said "We have sent in hundreds of signatures that we collected from people in Chaddesden.

"I hope that Post Office Ltd will take into account the huge support for keeping the Nottingham Road Post Office. It should be absolutely clear to Post Office Ltd that this Post Office needs to be kept."

Cllr Lucy Care said "The Nottingham Road Post Office is in a really convenient position in the middle of Chaddesden village, opposite Chadd Lane End.

"It would be crazy for Post Office Ltd to close it."

Derby Council was also sending in a submission to Post Office Ltd on the 4th of February. This followed the council passing a motion submitted by Cllr Lucy Care calling for the Council to write in support of keeping the Post Office open.