Liberal Democrat bid to save Derby's Post Offices wins support

November 23, 2007 5:00 PM
Liberal Democrat campaigners David Batey and Cllr Lucy Care campaigning to save the Abbey Street Post Office

Liberal Democrat campaigners are fighting to save Derby's Post Offices from Labour's axe

A Liberal Democrats amendment calling on the government and Post Office Ltd to drop their plans to close six Derby Post Offices was passed at last night's Full Council meeting.

Liberal Democrat campaigner Cllr Lucy Care who helped to wrote the amendment and has run a petition to save Derby's Post Offices said "I am delighted that the Council has sent a firm message to both the government and Post Office Ltd.

"The Liberal Demcrats like most local people want to see Derby's Post Offices kept open.

"Derby has suffered enough Post Office closures already. Sixteen Derby Post Offices were closed by the government just a few years ago.

"Now the government wants to close another 2,500 Post Offices including six in Derby.

"The only reason these Post Offices are being closed is because of government policy. That has to be said firmly because the only way we can stop future closures is to get the government to change its policies.

"I was very disappointed that Labour Councillors voted against this motion. Including Councillors in Alvaston and Darley Wards where Post Offices are being closed. However, given that it is their own government that is closing the Post Offices it was perhaps not that surprising."


The wording of the Lib Dem motion was as follows

This Council is angry that further Post Office closures are being considered. Derby City Council urges the Post Office not to close any on its proposed list. These being in the City of Derby:

Abbey Street

Ashbourne Road

Mansfield Road

Shelton Lock

Pear Tree

Wilmorton Derby

The withdrawal of these facilities will cause real difficulties in the neighbourhoods concerned.

Council condemns the government's current attitude to post offices. Removing government business from post offices and demanding specific numbers of post offices to close prevents effective running of the network by Post Office Management.

Council calls upon the Leader of the Council to write to the Post Office to object to these closures and to the Government to review its policy on the Post Office to ensure that no further closures take place. "