Liberal Democrats set out the alternative for Derby

April 13, 2007 12:00 AM
Liberal Democrats launch their manifesto

The Liberal Democrats are the only alternative to the Labour/Conservative alliance in Derby

Derby Liberal Democrats have launched their manifesto entitled "The Only Alternative".

The manifesto sets out the Lib Dems priorities for running the city if they replace Derby's ruling Labour/Conservative alliance after next month's council elections.

Councillor Hilary Jones leader of Derby Lib Dem Councillor's said "Derby needs a change of direction. Under the current Labour/Conservative alliance we are seeing big rises in Council Tax and callous cuts to services, like care for elderly people and street cleaning.

"Our manifesto prioritises the importance of spending taxpayers' money more wisely, like taking real action to cut the council's spiralling energy bills. By spending money more wisely we can avoid the big tax rises and service cuts we have had to put up with under the Labour/Conservative alliance.

"People in Derby need an alternative. The Liberal Democrats are the alternative."