October 31, 2006 12:11 PM
Councillor Maggie Hird (2nd left) and Councillor Hilary Jones (right) discuss the benefits of the Green Tax Switch with local people

The Liberal Democrats "Green Tax Switch" would help protect the environment and save the average family in Derby £1,000 a year

The Liberal Democrats held a successful set of street stalls in Derby last week to mark their "Green Tax Switch Week". Local campaigners gave out hundreds of leaflets setting out the party's vision to switch taxes away from good things like jobs and onto bad things like pollution.

The stall visited Mackworth, Alvaston, Mickleover, Littleover and Normanton Road. Local campaigner Councillor Maggie Hird said "We had a really successful stall in Mickleover. Many people were interested to hear our plans to cut income tax and instead move taxes onto pollution.

"Our plans to cut 2p in the pound from Income Tax, would save the average family in Derby over a £1,000 a year in tax. Across the UK, our proposals would also take about three million people on low incomes out of income tax altogether.

"Climate change is a real danger and we need action now to deal with it. Our plans will help protect our planet for our children and their children."

Deputy Leader of Derby Liberal Democrats Lucy Care said "Most people I spoke to welcomed cutting income tax bills and saw the good sense of switching taxes to protect the environment. Many people visited the stall and signed up as supporters of the "Green Tax Switch"."