September 20, 2006 5:30 PM

At Wednesday's full council meeting an attempt by Derby's Liberal Democrat group to give gardens and open space more protection against unwanted development was voted down by the Labour-Tory alliance.

Lib Dem Cllr Maggie Hird said "The Conservatives had put forward a motion on development, but it was responding to a consultation that was six months too late. Our amendment would have provided for action now, not just talk and give the motion teeth. We wanted the council to ask local MPs to support the Bill being proposed by Liberal Democrat MP Lorely Burt. Lorely's Local Government and Planning Bill would give extra protection to parks, public gardens and open spaces, and give local people more say over what happened in their area. It would help put a halt to inappropriate housing development.

"This is a big issue in the area I represent, Mickleover, where there has been real concern about inappropriate development.

"The Conservatives have claimed that they are against overdevelopment in Mickleover too, so I expected them to vote for our amendment which strengthened their motion.

"I know that the Conservatives are in alliance with Labour on the council, but it still came as a great shock when Conservative Councillors joined with Labour Councillors to vote down our amendment.

"A chance to send a clear message that Derby City Council was against inappropriate property development was lost because the Conservatives voted against it."

Details of Lorely Burt MP's bill to toughen up the laws on property development can be found at http://lorelyburt.org.uk/pages/lorelyslaw.html?PHPSESSID=12052b56db13c237a82d5f675255ba75