Petition calls on government to bury police merger plan

July 21, 2006 2:06 PM
Cllr Lucy Care outside Derby's Police Enquiry Office with some of the returned petitions

Opposition from local people has forced the Labour government to do a U-Turn and drop their plans to abolish Derbyshire Police

A petition run by Derby Liberal Democrats calling on the government to drop its plans to abolish Derbyshire Police has received a massive response.

This follows news that the Chief Constable of Derbyshire Police David Coleman has stated that forced police mergers will now not go ahead.

Petition organiser Cllr Lucy Care said "Local people know that abolishing Derbyshire police and merging it with neighbouring police forces was a daft idea. There was a real risk of Derby losing resources to other areas if the merger went ahead. We could even have ended up with our police being run from Lincoln or Northampton.

"Although the immediate threat of police merger has been dropped following the government's uturn, the government is still dithering on the issue of police mergers. One minute the Police Minister says mergers won't go ahead, but then the Prime Minister says police mergers are still on the agenda.

Cllr Care added "With the police and local people against police mergers I hope that the petition we have collected will help convince the government that people in Derby are against police mergers and the idea should be dropped once and for all".

Cllr Care has sent the petitions to the Home Secretary John Reid.