Top MP launches Derby Liberal Democrats Manifesto

April 10, 2006 12:38 PM
Paul Holmes MP launches Derby Liberal Democrats manifesto with Lib Dem candidates, Councillors and supporters

Derby Liberal Democrats manifesto promises action to cut back council fuel bills, restore grants to community groups, increase recycling and improve facilities at the temporary bus station.

Derby Liberal Democrats manifesto for this year's council elections was launched on Friday by Paul Holmes MP, Chairman of the Liberal Democrats' Parliamentary Party.

Derby Liberal Democrats' manifesto outlined five key priorities

· Save Council Tax payers money by taking action to cut back the Council's massive fuel bills.

· Restore the extra Kerbside recycling collection cut by the Labour Council

· Provide the extra seats, shelters and toilets which are needed at the temporary bus station

· Restore funds to local community groups which have been cut by the council

· Hold down Council Tax increases whilst campaigning for the abolition of the Council Tax and its replacement with a fairer local income tax.

Speaking at the manifesto launch Cllr Hilary Jones said "We have set out a series of priorities which will improve people in Derby's quality of life. We want to see recycling increased, action to cut back the Council's fuel bills, a better temporary bus station and proper support to the Community Groups who are the backbone of many Communities in Derby.

"We are opposed to the Council Tax which has risen by £346 in Derby since Labour came to power in 1997 and will continue to campaign to have it scrapped. On Thursday May 4th, people in Derby will have a choice between a Labour Council which is cutting services and increasing Council Tax or a Liberal Democrat Council committed to value for money and long term solutions to our problems."

Paul Holmes MP said; "There is huge disillusionment with Tony Blair's Labour government, by supporting the Liberal Democrats this time people can send Tony Blair a message he cannot ignore"