Campaigners demand action on lorry mayhem

March 7, 2006 12:31 PM

A number of residents living in the Cowley Street and Markeaton Street area of Derby say they are having their lives made a misery by heavy lorries. A number of people report having had wing mirrors knocked off their cars and more than one person have even had lorries going over their front garden.

Local Lib Dem campaigner Wendy Harbon said "Cowley Street and Markeaton Street often have cars parked along them on both sides. There is no room for lorries to travel along these roads. Yet every day a whole stream of, usually concrete mixer, lorries come down these roads.

"Local people are fed up with it and concerned that there could be an accident. I have had to contact the police about this on a number of occasions."

Wendy Harbon is working with local Councillors Joan Travis and Finbar Richards to ask the council's Highway's department about re-routing lorries to the development site.