A Liberal Democrat Alternative for Derby: Time for bus station improvements

March 1, 2006 5:52 PM

Due to the failure of the Labour council to produce it's full budget five days in advance of the budget meeting (as is specified in the Council's constitution) it is not practical for an opposition party to present a full alternative budget. However Derby's Liberal Democrat group will be proposing six major amendments in tomorrow's (Wednesday March 1st's) budget debate. The six amendment's seek to show how the Liberal Democrats, as the main opposition party on Derby City Council, would do thing s differently.

The Liberal Democrat group will be proposing improvements to the temporary on street bus station. These will include more shelters, toilets and seats. Cllr Fay Winter said "Reopening the old bus station is, legally and practically, not an option. Therefore we need to make the current on street bus station as comfortable as possible for passengers.

"Derby Liberal Democrats conducted a survey of bus passengers back in December We have used the results of what passengers wanted to draw up this motion.

"We hope the Labour Council will agree to our amendments and make travelling to and around Derby more tolerable for people."