Lib Dems force council uturn on care services

February 22, 2006 12:00 AM

At today's mini cabinet meeting for Adult Services, Labour Cabinet member Cllr Fareed Hussain was persuaded to do a u-turn on their plans (passed at Cabinet on 29th November 2005) to restrict the laundry and meals on wheels service to vulnerable people. This was due to come into force at the beginning of April 2006.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Ruth Skelton pointed out that if Labour's plans got through unamended, elderly people classified as having 'moderate needs' would lose their laundry and meals on wheels provision. At the same time, people with 'moderate needs' would still have been able to get other Home Care services!

Cllr Skelton said "This is quite clearly a case of the left hand not

knowing what the right hand is doing and smacks of incompetence on the part of Labour.

"The Liberal Democrats have uncovered this, and Labour has been forced to re-think."