Former Labour MP visits Derby in support of

May 1, 2005 12:00 AM

Brian Sedgemore, who recently defected to the Liberal Democrats after 27 years as a Labour MP, visited Derby on Saturday to support the Lucy Care's campaign in Derby South.

Speaking at a well-attended meeting in Derby, Brian Sedgemore declared that huge numbers of voters would switch to the Lib Dems this time.

Brian Sedgemore said "On Thursday British politics can change forever. The Liberal Democrats can achieve a real breakthrough.

"Tony Blair's actions over the Iraq war have angered millions of people but there is no enthusiasm for another Conservative government. This makes the Liberal Democrats the real alternative for a huge number of people this time."

Explaining his reasons for leaving Labour and joining the Lib Dems Brian Sedgemore said "It concerns me greatly that the Labour Party, of which I had long been a member, has in recent years abandoned its belief in traditional freedoms.

"British freedoms, which had been developed over 800 years, have been attacked by the Labour government over the last few years. It is now the Liberal Democrats who speak up for and defend these precious liberties.".

Lucy Care said "Brian Sedgemore is an inspiring speaker. He put his finger clearly on the reason why people's trust in Labour has been shattered. He said that while we expect the government to protect us, under Labour we can now be imprisoned without trial, and are threatened with pass laws like apartheid South Africa.

"Brian's very public decision to switch from Labour to the Lib Dems reflects what many people here in Derby South and across the UK are doing privately. On Thursday many people who have traditionally voted for other parties will vote Liberal Democrat, as the party which both supports their hopes for good public services and protects the freedoms we all expect to enjoy as British citizens."